idkidkidk T___T

Oh God,

i don’t understand myself. Why am I like this? Lord, I am very sorry for the wrong things I have been doing. These past days, I haven’t been true to my friends, and what I really feel deep inside me is guilt. Oh Lord, please help me get rid of this guilt, guide me O Lord in doing what is right, that I may be able to do what I ought to do, that I may learn to love without expecting to be loved in return, that I may learn to give the Ignatian way, that I may forgive others as you have forgiven me. Lord, let me be an instrument of Your peace, through Your silence, may I be able to understand myself deeply, find what I have been looking for, and that I may seek for You. Let me be Your servant o Lord and may you help me surrender and offer my everything to You, for a life without You is indeed nothing. Amen

By shareelei

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